CollectionsWith their artistic background the master goldsmiths of RCM have given birth to a vast jewellery collection whose peculiar design and flair are guaranteed to satisfy a wide range of clients across different global cultures and traditions.

Gems of the purest color can inspire the atélier to design a truly original jewel and colored diamonds have always played a pivoltal role in reproducing mesmerizing creations.



gold bracelets
rose bracelet
flower ring fancy diamonds
cufflinks sapphire
diamond brooch

The atélier selects only the most technically gifted craftsmen in order to achieve the highest level of beauty: as stated by a great writer “beauty will save the world”.

Rare and
Unique Art
diamonds bracelet

CuriosityWith the end goal of being only perfection, and nothing short of it, RCM is the brightest star on the Italian jewellery making firmament.

gold bag
emerald bracelet