The unsurpassable quality of its work and highly original design have combined to earn RCM a reputation among the high and mighty of this world: the Company’s clients list includes Kings and Queens and some of the most powerful people worldwide. The name RCM offers guaranteed access to the most valuable stones which the company designers use in strict compliance with their own ideas of what’s beautiful, never bending to fashion fads or fleeting tastes of the public.

RCM finest creations are showcased at the finest boutiques all over the world and are thought and made for a clientele that appreciate true art. The gifted talent of Lorenzo Ricci and his love for beauty are behind the success of RCM. He personally ensures that each handcrafted creation that emerges from the atélier is of impeccable quality. RCM jewels grace many museums and private collections, their distinguish hallmark not only an immaculate craftsmanship but tremendous aesthetic satisfaction that their owners derive from their possession.